Simple or complex

We have all the technologies necessary to meet all metal punching requirements, both simple and complex.

Punching system

We use CNC punching machines with punches and dies of standard or special shapes depending on the final design required.

Salvagnini S1

The Salvagnini S1 is a mechatronic multi-press punching machine with a combined punching-laser head configuration.


The S1 is designed to satisfy the growing requirements for punching flexibility and productivity while maintaining its distinctive features such as the multi-press head, flexible automation and integrability. The S1 implements innovative and original elements, which make it unique in the market.

  • It makes it possible to cut materials that are less suited to laser technology
  • It offers different possibilities for unloading, depending on the production strategy:
    • single part with destruction of the skeleton, for in-line operation;
    • single part with evacuation of the skeletons by means of the optional device with pincers and suction cups, for easy and precise automatic stacking;
    • positioning on a table of micro-joined nests for downstream manual part removal, if the cycle time is an issue.
  • It eliminates any constraint related to the geometry of the part being processed, thanks to laser cutting.
  • It is very competitive, guaranteeing high productivity and low consumption, thanks to the multi-press and advanced hybrid technology.
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