Surface Finishing Processes

Once the product is complete, we try to improve the aesthetics of the pieces we send you. The surface finishing processes we can offer also include: smoothing, satin finishing and tumbling.

Smoothing is a finishing process for metallic surfaces that enables us to perfect the accuracy of the shape of measurements and above all to improve the properties of the surface.

Satin finishing is a method that serves to make the surfaces opaque so that they maintain a very low level of roughness.

Tumbling is a process that is used to remove any residues of burrs generated during the preceding processes and often, in particular, created during laser cutting. This process consists of having the pieces impact with a piece of abrasive material. We use spheres of ceramic agglomerate, in a tumbler. This prepares the pieces for additional finishing.

All these processes enable us to maintain high quality standards and offer you a wide range of services to satisfy most of your needs.

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